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6 ways to avoid sweaty feet in your boots and shoes

6 ways to avoid getting sweaty feet

Sweating profusely can be inconvenient at the best of times, but when you’re sweating from your feet in the hot, hot weather, it gets a whole lot more stressful. Because nobody wants stinky feet to go along with their perfectly manicured toes, do they?

But as podiatrist Dina Gohil, who’s teamed up with Canespro Fungal Nail Treatment Set, explains, there’s actually good reason for your feet to sweat. “The highest concentration of sweat glands can be found in our feet,” she says. “The natural purpose of sweat glands is to provide moisture to the skin that evaporates to help cool us down. It is our body’s way of regulating our body temperature.”

So it might have a purpose, but that doesn’t mean it’s not irritating and, at times, embarrassing. So Dina has shared some easy ways to prevent a sweaty foot scenario from happening.

1. Invest in leather shoes
Granted, they’re more pricy, but your feet will thank you for it by remaining cool and dry. Dina explains leather is a “breathable and flexible material” which will be far better for your feet than “patent or plastic shoes, will not allow for much aeration and will trap the sweat within the shoe, maintaining a warmer environment for the feet.”

2. Leave some room
Are your shoes the right size? “If your shoes are too tight it can squeeze the toes together, not leaving much space for movement,” says Dina, who explains how this in turn “doesn’t allow air to pass through the toes and feet, increasing the likelihood of sweaty feet.”

3. Change up your shoes
We know you can grow attached to a pair that are the perfect balance between comfort and beauty, but give your feet a break every now and then, would you? “It’s advised to wear different pairs of shoes throughout the week to let the recently worn pair a chance to air out,” says Dina, who points out that it’ll not only stop your feet from smelling, but will also “reduce likelihood of developing fungal infections”.

4. Wear seasonal socks
Basically, there’s no point donning a pair of thick and woolies in the height of summer. Your feet will get way too warm. “Make sure the socks you are wearing are appropriate for the environment/weather/activity you are in,” says Dina, who adds: “Wearing thicker socks all year round will not aid in the reduction of sweat during warmer seasons. Change your socks daily too and ensure they are a nice breathable synthetic blend.”

5. Use foot deodorant
This doesn’t sound that glamorous, but it can make a difference in the same way it does to your pits. If you don’t have any foot deodorant casually lying around, however, (who does?) you could try using “surgical spirit on a cotton wool after your daily wash on a dry foot and in between the toes” says Dina.

6. Stay hydrated
This one’s nice and simple. “Drinking plenty of water is another great way to reduce the likelihood of sweaty feet. When your body is hydrated thoroughly, it is easier for the body to regulate body temperatures therefore less likely to sweat as much,” explains the podiatrist.



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