Why consider buying from the Reddhart Workwear Stores?

  • Comfort – try and find more comfortable footwear!
  • Premium Quality – our mission is to only sell premium quality footwear, and we have used our expertise, and deep knowledge of work environments to identify and source boots that we know will do the job for you. This means we only carry Brands that make quality boots, and even within those Brands, we only carry their better quality styles. This doesnt means we only carry expensive footwear….it means we carry the best in each category, and where we believe you will get the best value for your dollar.
  • Slip-Resistant Footwear – many styles are oil and slip-resistant. The new VIBRAM “Fire & Ice” soles were specifically developed to meet Oilsands reduced-slip standards.. The Vibram ARCTIC GRIP and POLAR TRACTION soles are the latest in state of the art slip resistance in wet and icy conditions…..and now available on certain.ROYER, KEEN and MUCK footwear. These are a HUGE improvement in slip-resistivity, and you should try them as soon as possible.While their name implies winter conditions, they are in fact excellent for all year around use where conditions are wet and slippery.
  • Sizes and Widths – many boots are available in sizes 5 – 16 and widths from narrow, to as wide as EEEE. ( same as H width) . Half sizes available up to size 12.
  • In-stock selection–we carry an in-depth selection of the most popular styles and sizes. You have a very good chance that we will have your boot IN STOCK and ready to take home. On those rare occasions we are out of stock in your size, we will arrange to have a pair shipped direct to you from another store, or do a special order, at no additional cost to you.
  • Made in Canada and in North America styles. A primary goal is to try and support Canadian manufacturers and businesses as much as possible. We recognize that Canadians depend for their livelihoods and welfare on us keeping as many dollars as possible here in Canada. REDDHART is 100% owned and operated in Western Canada, and supports approximately 40 families. We carry CSA styles from Canada West, Royer and Mellowwalk, which are MADE IN CANADA.  Same goes for the Laurentian Chief moccasins carried at some of our locations. VIBERG has a factory and design offices in Victoria BC.Tough Duck Workwear is based out of Winnipeg and most of the styles we carry are also Made in Canada.  Duray make all their socks entirely at their Quebec factory. KEEN, although a North American company, with offshore production, maintains offices and distribution here in Canada, thus providing many jobs and expenditures for the local economy.
  • Direct to you Shipping. We recognize that it is not convenient for all customers to visit our stores. Therefore we offer a shipping service on all footwear and workwear, together with personalized fitting advice by email or phone, from one of our experienced Managers. Details are available on our website. Shipping is FREE on all regularly priced orders over $150 ($200 for Eastern Canada Regions, due to high shipping rates and fuel surcharges ) that ship from a single store location.

  • Special Orders….want something that we aren’t currently stocking, such as a different color, or an extreme size, or a style we dont regularly stock?…..No problem!  All team members are set up to take and process special orders
  • Choice.  If you shop at a single Brand store, ..guess what?….of course they will only sell you a boot from what that Brand carries………and very often they won’t have the best style or price point for your needs, but they will push what they have on you ! That’s why Reddhart believes our multi-Brand approach is the best FOR YOU
  • Foot Measuring – We measure every customer’s feet. We have an AETREX electronic machine to measure for arch support and help prevent tired feet, tired legs and lower back aches. We also have a simple “measure yourself” guide. All this is backed up by a selection of premium foot beds and orthotics, to help re-balance your feet and reduce daily foot fatigue.
  • Personalized Professional Service. Reddhart is almost unique in still offering careful , professional service when you come to purchase from us. We are not like the big-box stores that make you self-fit, we have highly trained, experienced, knowledgeable staff that will guide you through the boot purchase process. Firstly we will determine your specific needs for your job, secondly we will measure your feet, thirdly we will suggest appropriate styles of boots from the various Brands we carry, and lastly we will fit the boots on your feet, explain the specific features and benefits of the boots and let you walk around the store to determine if the comfort and fit is to your liking. This process can take from 15 minutes to an hour….so please always allow enough time to get the full benefit of our service.
  • Superior After-Sale Care.We give you extra laces for the life of the boots, we offer free In-Store re-conditioning and protection of your footwear, and we extend the normal warranty for re-stitching and re-gluing needs.
  • Custom Insoles – we now offer a heat-moldable footbed that offers superior arch support. This footbed has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. We also offer premium orthotics from AETREX.,and REDDHART.
  • Premium Footwear–whatever Brand you choose, you can be sure that they are the premium styles, using only premium materials and technologies. We do not stock all styles made by each manufacturer…..only their very best styles.
  • Knowledgeable Staff–our friendly sales associates are highly trained in fitting you in the best possible boot……..both in terms of fit, and suitability for the purpose you want to use them in. The sales service usually starts with finding out the kind of work you do, what features you are looking for in a boot, and whether you have had any footwear problems in the past. With this basic information, we move on to recommending suitable styles. With your input on these styles, we measure your feet and then let you try on the recommended sizes. Never any pressure……we ask you to walk around in the boots and watch how they fit to your feet as you walk.
  • Save in-store, on all our work clothing. All our work clothing comes with a substantial in-store DISCOUNT off MSRP prices. In most cases we offer the lowest prices in Western Canada.
  • POINTS….every purchase earns 10 REDDHART POINTS for each dollar spent at the stores or on-line. Once you accumulate 6000 points, they can be redeemed for a $50 discount off your next purchase.  Your purchase receipt shows your accumulated POINTS after each purchase.

 For more information, please e-mail Graeme at