Most purchases, either in-store, or online, made after January 2 2017 at all Reddhart Workwear Stores, or through the website (, will earn Reddhart Rewards POINTS at the rate of 8 points per $1 spent (after discounts and excluding taxes)

POINTS will accumulate in your account,  and will only expire after 2 years of no purchase activity on your account.

There is no required sign up for the program, POINTS are awarded automatically to all Customers whose names and telephone numbers are entered in our Point of Sale database. We respect your privacy, and under no circumstances will we knowingly reveal your personal information to any outside third party.

POINTS can be redeemed in increments of 6000 and applied as a $50 credit/payment against future purchases. POINTS have no cash surrender value, and cannot be applied retroactively to past purchases. POINTS are personal to you, and cannot be combined with POINTS belonging to other customers, nor can they be assigned to other customers. We may require photo ID when redeeming POINTS.

There is a maximum weekly redemption of 24000 POINTS and a daily limit of 12000.

POINTS are not awarded to purchases made under any Corporate or Major Account Program or Volume Purchase Program, and those are subject to cancellation and deletion by us at any time.

POINTS are earned on all eligible purchases. There are no restrictions as to Brands, special orders or online purchases. (clearance priced items may not automatically accrue POINTS)

In order to ensure that all your POINTS accumulate on your own personal account, it is very important that each purchase you make is made under your own name and contact phone number or email address. POINTS cannot be consolidated or amalgamated between different phone numbers ( except where you have changed your personal phone number)

At any time, you can request the balance of POINTS on your account by inquiring at one of our stores. Also, your current accumulated POINTS balance is shown on your receipt for purchases.

POINTS are valuable, and we encourage you to keep track of them and not forget about them. At some time in the future, it is possible your POINTS might also be convertible into a Reddhart Community Token.

We welcome your comments and feedback on this Program, and invite you to email any ideas to

We reserve the right to make changes to any aspect of the POINTS program at any time.