14332 Men’s Canada West Romeos Boots

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 #14332 Men’s Canada West Romeos Boots – Crazy Horse Leather

SIZES:  EEE 6 – 12, 13

ORDERING ALERT !  this style is in very short supply and there is at least a 1 month back-order time from the factory. You might want to check status before ordering. graeme@reddhart.ca

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Men’s Canada West
Romeos Boots
Hand crafted from premium grade leather. Sizes 6 to 12 & 13.

Style # 14332 – Plain Toe

Quarters:                6” Quarters – Unlined
Leather:                  Crazy Horse
Toe Shape:            9367 Toe 3E
Sole:                       Vibram #430 Sole

1 review for 14332 Men’s Canada West Romeos Boots

  1. ben (verified owner)

    When I ordered these boots I was very new to this type of footwear, didn’t know what size/width I was and basically jumped in blind. I ordered what I thought would fit, but after wearing them around my house for an evening it became apparent they were too small. The exchange process was SEAMLESS, Graeme and his staff were very helpful in ensuring I got what I needed. Prompt communication, and they really give the sense that they are trying to HELP you obtain the boots that work for you.

    Now for the boots. Initially the size that fit my length felt fairly roomy. The width was good but I had some extra volume, and superfeet green insoles solved this problem entirely. I stopped using shoe trees because they also kept them a bit too roomy for me. As a result they’ve lost a bit of shape but I dig the well used boot look, so all is well. I’ve worn these boots in all sorts of scenarios for nearly 2 years. Dog walking, light hiking, camping, fence building, and 2 summers of landscaping. It’s been my do-it-all boot, which was exactly what I was looking for. The vibram mini lug sole is hard, so not super cushioning but wears very well, still plenty of tread left. the plastic welt is cracking in a few spots but I don’t feel any difference while wearing. I use obenauf’s heavy duty LP and the water resistance is fantastic, I can walk in light rain and wet grass and only occasionally feel some moisture seep through. they’ve also survived near daily wear through 2 Edmonton winters. On the colder days I pulled out insulated boots. the leather feels relatively thin, but this suits the boots in my opinion and they are plenty tough. I have plenty of scuffs and scratches that are visible when examining but almost impossible to see from a typical distance that people would see the boot.

    I encountered a couple problems. I had a couple (2) nails come up through the midsole (?) and start poking my foot. a cobbler fixed them for no charge, so this was only a minor inconvenience. Just recently, after nearly 2 years of tough wear, one of the elastics has started tearing slightly near the top. Not catastrophic (yet) and I believe it to be fixable if I get them resoled. However, with the excellent price and non-existent break in period, I may just get a new pair so I can continue abusing these ones. But seriously, I just cleaned them and applied beeswax, and they’re waterproof and look excellent still.

    I just ordered a pair of moorby 2832, and Graeme CALLED me to verify I wanted 11.5 because I had initially ordered these in 11, and the exchange wasn’t showing up on his system. That makes me feel like this company values my business and cares about my satisfaction. Very happy with the boots and the customer service. Can’t wait to receive my new boots. Also considering replacing my iron rangers (D width, way too narrow) with a moorby boot if I can find a good deal in a nice style.

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