14350 Men’s Canada West Romeos Boots


 #14350 Men’s Canada West Romeos Boots – Cool Caramel Leather

SIZES:  E 6 – 12, 13

ORDERING ALERT !  this style is in very short supply and at this time, the factory has no firm schedule for any future production runs….. It is highly recommended that you check our inventory status before ordering. graeme@reddhart.ca


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Men’s Canada West
Romeos Boots
Hand crafted from premium grade leather. Sizes 6 to 12 & 13.

Style # 14350 – Cool Caramel

Quarters:                6” Quarters – Unlined
Leather:                 Cool Caramel
Toe Shape:            805-toe E
Sole:                       Leather Sole
Footbed:                Removable cushion footbed


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