A reminder to all our customers that all purchases at all Reddhart stores in Canada will automatically earn Reddhart Rewards “POINTS
There is no enrollment needed and the Reddhart points will automatically add to your account, regardless of which store you shop at, or whether its in-store or on-line. Just remember to use the same name and phone number each time you shop with us.

Every $1 spent will earn 10 Reddhart reward POINTS. Once you have accumulated more than 6000 points, you can redeem them against future purchases at an exchange of $50 per 6000 points.

The points have no expiry, and your current POINTS balance is shown on all your sales receipts.

This is our way of saying thank you for your loyalty, and rewarding customers who purchase from us on a regular basis.

Full details of the Reddhart Rewards Program are on our website at the following link