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Ok here’s a testimonial for the day. As you can imagine, I go through a lot of socks. Working in homes I tend to always take my shoes off. Sometimes time constraints mean I don’t put them on for a quick run outside. Needless to say, those cheap ass costco socks do not last more than about 8 washes before they start to wear.

Now for the testimonial. Several years back, when Red wing opened their Kelowna store, I popped by there on my way to a job in Calgary. In my rush to get out the door that morning, I neglected to bring socks, so I bought a couple of pairs. Expensive, I thought.

The funny thing is, those socks are still alive and without holes. I mean this was quite a few years ago. Sure they aren’t white anymore, but they are still the most comfortable socks I have.

So yesterday I had a service call at Red Wing Shoes in Langley, or Reddhart Workwear as Graeme now calls it smile emoticon and I figured id fork out a few bucks and buy myself half a dozen of em. I’m sure they will still be comfortable 5 years from now, so well worth the investment. Made in the USA too.

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