Wm Moorby “heritage” Collection

Yesterday I was visiting our Calgary South store, and admiring the amazing selection of soft toe heritage style street boots, and I was struck by the refined craftsmanship of the Wm Moorby boots. We also have boots from a south of the border company who make similar boots under a name the same as a Detroit hockey team !

My point is that when selecting your heritage style boots, do you want boots that will look best in a farm or backwoods setting, or are you looking for boots with an ” urban cache” , great for casual, wedding, and office attire.?

From the smoothness of the leathers, to the narrower stitch spacing, the Moorby’s are a class apart……..and the styles with the 360 degree goodyear welt are out of this world!

To top it all, the Moorby are hand crafted her in Canada ( Winnipeg) , and are fantastic value at ( mostly) $299.99.  ( compare and contrast with over $400)

Take a second look at the Collection, you wont be disappointed…..