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At REDDHART WORKWEAR, our mission is to provide high-quality, durable and comfortable safety footwear and work clothing that protects and empowers our customers to work confidently and safely in any environment. We strive to be the industry leader in safety and innovation, and to build trust and loyalty with our customers through exceptional service and support.


In accordance with our support for the principles of freedom of travel, freedom from surveillance, and freedom to transact, based on a decentralized and free enterprise market place, below we post a link to the Bitcoin White Paper.

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  1. Jarred

    We were so impressed with the help of Afrah! She really went above and beyond to help us with an order of work shirts for our crew! She gave us exceptional customer service, was always friendly and the order turned out perfectly.

  2. Graeme Hill

    Hi Karen,

    I’m excited to obtain my new work boots!

    When I worked in a sawmill, your Nanaimo Reddhart fit me for a fantastic pair of leather, waterproof Keens.

    I was so happy with your service (as compared the always-garbage experience at Mark’s) that I tell everyone to go to Reddhart. Not only fantastic service, there are also good deals, and excellent quality.

    I’m at work right now, wearing a shit pair of Aggressor boots from Mark’s. My feet hurt. The boots are torn. I honestly don’t know why anyone would shop at Mark’s.

    As long as Reddhart is around, you’re my go-to!!

    Can’t wait for my shipment!


  3. Robert

    Hi Redhart Staff,
    I recently bought $60 Redhart moldable insoles from your Burnaby store but never received free laces. Am I entitled to those, considering that I have been many years using that store?
    Robert T. Kerr

    1. Graeme Hill

      Hi Robert, we do give free laces to customers who purchased their CSA boots at our store ( clearance items excluded of course)….as long as we can find you in our computer system you are good.

  4. Don

    I went in to the Kingsway location on January 27th with no expectations of finding the boot I was looking for. To my surprise Lisa was an absolute gem, full of knowledge and suggestions for me to try on. I was pleasantly surprised to find her recommendations were absolutely perfect and I not only bought one pair, but two pair of work boots. It was a pleasant experience and I would recommend Reddhart to anyone .

  5. Rakim


    What’s are the differences between the 430 sole vs the Longhaul sole?

    I wanted the 132 sole, but only comes in Dark Farmer colourway.

    1. Graeme Hill

      Hello, thanks for the inquiry
      Both soles are very good. The Longhaul sole is a special label Vibram sole and durable….the Vibram 430 soles are a ” dressy version of their traditional lugged sole. From the side profile it looks like a smooth dressy sole, but in fact its lugged in the centers. If you search Vibram # 430 on Google it will show you images. Its a good sole, decent rubber content so it doesnt get hard when it gets cold. The deep lugged Vibram # 132 is better in snowy conditions as it provides great traction…..the shallower lugged #430 is good where rain is more common than significant snowfalls. The downside of the deep lugged 130 is that the lugs can get filled with snow, ice , mud and gravel……this is much less of an issue with the shallower lugged 430.

  6. Kyle-lee@hotmail.com

    Good Morning, Do you ship to the US? If so do you carry, Men’s Keen CSA Cincinnati 8″ Waterproof 90° Heel Boot (Carbon-Fiber Toe)?

  7. Troy

    Best customer service I have ever had. They helped me find what I needed and not what I thought I wanted. They also took the time to answer all my questions and I had a lot of questions.
    Thank you very much

  8. Karin La Fortune

    Good morning, I’m not sure who to send this note to but I ordered some shorts online and received them from the Kelowna store… very promptly and loved the product (Mens Carhartt rugged flex Rigby cargo shorts). Attached to the receipt was a handwritten note thanking me for my order! This is above and beyond good service, thank you Carol at the Kelowna store for your excellence

  9. Graeme Hill

    Jason (verified owner) – March 30, 2023

    Bought these boots about 4 years ago – and have wore them almost every workday since. The boots have held so amazingly well I felt compelled to come back and leave a review. They have also become my most comfortable pair of shoes (order a half size down from your sneaker size and be aware they fit wide), although the break in period was a little rough because of the thick leather. I expect to get many more years out of them still especially given that they can be resoled. I also wanted to mention the excellent customer service through reddhart, they’ve somehow managed to make online shopping feel personable and Graeme in particular was so responsive and helpful during the shipping process. Absolutely earned my business going forward and I cannot recommend enough both Canada West Boots as well as the amazing folks at reddhart. Feels good to buy and shop Canadian too!

    1. Graeme Hill

      Thanks so much Jason…..really happy to hear that you are loving your boots. Great craftmanship in them.
      Next time you are looking for something slightly different, have a look at the Canada West Romeos….very stylish and excellent value for a hand crafted boot.

  10. greg murray

    looking for premium leather conditioner safe for gore tex.
    nanaimo bc store has had this in the past, but now has only paste that is not suitable for gore tex.
    is it still available? do you have or know of a suitable replacement product?
    what is the difference? why is gore tex appropriate paste different from the regular paste?

    1. Graeme Hill

      Hi Greg, this is the product you need….and Nanaimo should have it unless they sold out and forgot to reorder

      Its formulated by AquaSeal Company and they market it as about the only product recognized as good with Gortex linings ( by the Gortex Company)

      This issue is that a gortex lining has a special breathable membrane of micro-pores that let the foot breath out but are too small for water molecules to penetrate inwards. The aqua seal paste doesnt block these pores ( products like mink oil do block them)


    1. Graeme Hill

      Hi Marty…yes we do…..and in fact, just last week I opened up our website to US customers to place their orders directly though our e-commerce pages. The only thing I need to point out is that due to the very high cross border shipping costs, there is a $30 CAD shipping premium for US orders. Thanks Marty, Graeme

  11. Tyler Evans

    Hi there , wondering if you have one of the stanfield heavy wool sweaters , with the hood . In a size medium or large in stock in your kelowna store ? Thanks so much


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